Boccia has its roots in the antiquity. It is one of the paralympic sports and it is only for athletes with cerebral palsy.

The boccia games  take part in closed space and the flooring of gaming space should be flat and level. The dimensions of competition space they use is 12,5 by 6 metres inside the gaming space it is engraved a line of form "b", which delimits the region in which when it is landed the ball-objective is considered invalid. In the competing space it exists per central point "h", in which is repositioned the ball-objective when it comes out outside from the competition space or when is given extension.

In our institution, the sport boccia, is carried out in the courtyard space of our school, with the attendance of young persons that faces kinetic problems and children with heavy infirmities as the requirements of  this particular sport do not include cardiorespiratory taxes. Objective of players is they promote leather or kokka'ljnes mpa'lles (red or blue), as much as possible more near a white ball-objective "jack".

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