Association "ARGO"
Association of Naval Parents of Children with Special Needs "ARGO"


The Association of Naval Parents of Children with Special Needs "ARGO" is NPID recognized as specifically charitable, (number OFFICIAL JOURNAL OF THE HELLENIC REPUBLIC of 1199,.29 September 2000) overseen from the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity.

In the articles of the Association they function as:

  1. the Centre of Daily Staying and care
  2. the Specialised Centre of Professional Training and
  3. the Centre of Benefit of Accompanying Supporting Services in AmeA.

It was founded in 1985 from an initiative of mothers of children with special needs that were spouses of seamen. It is managed by a 9 member administrative council, seven elected members (parents of children with special needs) and two named (representative of Pan-Hellenic Naval Federation and a representative of Naval Chamber Greece).

The initial name of Association was "Association of Parents of Problematic Children", a Pan-Hellenic organisation with its base in Piraeus, road D. Falire'ws 44, N Faliron. The main aim of the Institution is the care and the education of children with special needs, primarily the children from families of Greek Seamen. In the Statute of Association provision is made that in case of empty places, children from non-seafaring families can be offered places.

ARGO today continues its residence in Piraeus, however in a new  address and in a building that was granted by Municipality (MAVROMIHALI 23 and SALAMINOS, SAINT SOFIA) providing services for 60 individuals, age from 17 until 45 years - mainly children of seamen - with medium and heavy learning disabilities.

Accounts of Association of Naval Parents of Children with Special Needs

Savings Bank of National Bank of Greece

Account of donations for the aid of Centre Diimereysis and Daily care in Piraeus.

Account of donations for the completion of boarding school in Anavissos of Attica

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