Teams of theatrical game - Dramatization

Are weekly realised two meetings and are coordinated by two animators. Objective of this meetings is the acquisition of particular relation with the body and the expression of sentiments and situations via this, as well as the enrichment of mobility and neuro-muscular coordination.

Via the contact with the other individuals of team each student learns to collaborate, to withdraw, to calculate, to respect and to respect each other. Also the individuals acquire the faculty to exceed their suspensions, they try new experiences, they develop  their creativity and imagination. They still acquire the possibility of passage from imagination in real. They have the possibility of sensitization to the arts. Also for them is provided the possibility of investigation of their internal world, recovery of their identity, resolution of conflicts and symbolic materialisation of their wishes, while at the same time are opened up possibilities of enjoyment, enthusiasm and charms.





Έδρα Σωματείου