Education & Social Skills

Two terms that summarise the learning patterns for the students, equally important is the development and the integration of person in the environment.

Education in order that the individual can comprehend the environment, intervene in it and adapt in their needs.

Social Skills, the "moral arsenal" that will provide the person with all these the values, the habits, the attitude of life and helps develope the personality of the student, which determines also the relations with others.

The processes are difficult and continuous. They become even more complicated when they are addressed in a "different" team of persons.

The education and the integration of Persons with special needs is assisted by  your support, mainly in the conscientious efforts of acceptance of persons, treating them with an open minded attitude and a lot love for the individual. Also asked is the socialization and the social acceptance and incorporation, that is to say the use of services that is provided to the community and participation of the community with her members.

Έδρα Σωματείου