Handicraft workshop

The composition of students in the department are aged between 20 and 40 years. The group size is restricted to a maximum number of eight. The department was created at the consolidation of program of proepaggelmatjki's training period 1999 - 2001, where students were educated in the manufacture of simple musical instruments.






Today, the operation of the department is supported in such artistic activities as painting, craftsmanship and various manufactures maintaining the character of Protected Laboratory and seeking

  • the assimilation of labour habits and behaviors
  • the reinforcement of self-confidence and the improvement of self-imaging
  • sentimental growth

Students are remunerated for their attendance by the sale of the productive process of department.




At the same time the young persons participate also in educational programs of other character, for the enrichment of everyday routine, the growth of new dexterities, the acquisition of new interests.

  • Improvement of dexterities of writing and reading
  • Familiarization and use PC
  • Attendance in the teams of discussion on the facilitation and standardisation of interpersonal relations
  • Sports
  • Activities of social dexterities
  • Theatrical game.


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