Social dexterities

Teams of growth of social dexterities

Every week are two teams of meetings, that are coordinated by the Social Functional of Centre. Object of  the meetings is on one side the growth of spirit of collaboration and adaptation between all students, as well as the learning of faculties that is necessary for the daily contact with the social total.

This faculties are focused in energies as the learning of monetary unit as means of transaction for the acquisition of goods, the configuration of proportional social behavior at the daily transactions, the learning of labour attitudes and behaviors , the discussions on daily problems that students face at the contact with the social environment, the culture of proportional behavior to reject of these problems (the configuration of that is to say the one that is said social behavior) etc This is achieved mainly via the simulation of situations (role playing) and not just with a strictly structured educational approach.



Έδρα Σωματείου